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Online Purchase Returns and Exchanges

Please make sure that the item for returning is in a condition that it can be sold again and that the original package is intact. (Please ensure the shoes box is not damaged or smudged).

And please pack and seal your return securely in an undamaged bag together with the shipping slip or order form. Affix the return code on the shipping slip, and ship the parcel to our warehouse. (Please do not pack your return in the original see-through packing bag to prevent losing the products during shipping.)

Only one exchange is permitted per order.

***Returns accept items in full price only.

***Exchange accept all items.

There is no charge to exchange items for a different size, however all exchanges are based on stock availability. Shipping is also free on the replacement item delivery, but you will need to pay return shipping, taxes and duties on this. To exchange an item, request a Returns Reference Number through SHOPCS@SKECHERSHK.COM, and specify the new size you require. All reserved stock will be kept for 7 days upon confirmation of exchange. Your item(s) should be sent back to us within 14 days. Returns outside these timeframes may be accepted at the discretion of SKECHERS and may only be refund.

SKECHERS reserves the right to refuse returns that are sent without the Return Authorization Number and proof of postage.

Reasons for Unacceptable returns:

Under the following circumstances, we will NOT be able to process your returns:

• Products that have been improperly used, including without limitation, having touched extremely damp objects, chemicals, gasoline, paint, detergent, solvent, or cooking oil, or having been overheated 

• Products with loose threads or crackings due to external scratches by hard objects, or internal wear and tear

• Damaged products due to use for longer than service life

• Damaged products due to improper wash

• Products with color fading due to display

You may Contac Us for further information or guidance.